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Cybersecurity Cloud Services and Solutions

Monitoring connectivity access to your systems is our critical top priority

Cloud Data Security and Cloud Data Availability across the Enterprise

Cybersecurity, like physical security is a top challenge and we are up to the task by ensuring all systems are fully isolated and compartmentalized in silos thus ensuring each client is totally separated than the other tenants. Monitoring each system provides us the intelligence behind every layer of access within the silo every 30 seconds 24/7/365.

the image describes the view of isolated silos for data availability and data security within the datacenter, with systems compartmentalized and separated for each tenant deployment

First we must ensure that nobody gets access into your systems and we take a great deal of effort in securing your systems from attacks by using an all inclusive wrapper to all of our deployments using: DDoS, IDS, Firewall, NAT, VPN, and everything in between. Our competitors expose your servers to the world, we do not and filter out the attacks before the requests make it to your servers. Cybersecurity protections is offered to all clients and included as standard to all deployments.  

Second, physical security and compartmentalization of servers and systems is a fortress of protection guarding against any intruder. vmXcloud takes realtime and proactive approach to ensuring your data and systems are guarded against any intruder 24/7/365. 

the image describes the view of compartmentalized secure datacenter

1 VM or 1000 VMs cybersecurity for all

Our cybersecurity scales through the entire environment no matter how many systems are used

Focusing on business growth is seamless and vmXcloud helps by providing the ultimate platform to expand customer base and customer satisfaction thus keeping your data secure from intrusions and attacks

Cloud Network Protection

  • Stateful deep packet inspection firewall
  • Intrusion protection: Deep packet inspection engine, 18,000+ patterns
  • Selective IPS patterns for maximum performance and protection
  • IPS pattern aging algorithm for optimal performance
  • Flood protection: DoS, DDoS and portscan blocking
  • Country blocking by region or individual country (over 360 countries) with separate inbound/ outbound settings and exceptions
  • Site-to-site VPN: SSL, IPSec, 256- bit AES/3DES, PFS, RSA, X.509 certificates, pre-shared key
  • Remote access: SSL, IPsec, iPhone/ iPad/Cisco VPN client support
  • VoIP handling for SIP and H.323 connections
  • Connection tracking helpers: FTP, IRC, PPTP, TFTP Ì Identity-based rules and configuration with Authentication Agent for user

Cloud Network Routing and Services

  • Routing: static, multicast (PIM-SM) and dynamic (BGP, OSPF, HSRP)
  • NAT static, masquerade (dynamic)
  • Protocol independent multicast routing with IGMP snooping
  • Bridging with STP support and ARP broadcast forwarding
  • WAN link balancing: 32 Internet connections, autolink health check, automatic failover, automatic and weighted balancing and granular multipath rules
  • Zero-config active/passive high- availability
  • Active/active clustering for up to 10 appliances
  • 802.3ad interface link aggregation
  • QoS with full control over bandwidth pools and download throttling using Stochastic Fairness Queuing and Random Early Detection on inbound traffic
  • Full configuration of DNS, DHCP and NTP
  • Server load balancing
  • IPv6 support
  • RED support
  • VLAN DHCP support and tagging
  • Multiple bridge support

VM Cloud Email Protection

  • Reputation service with spam outbreak monitoring based on patented Recurrent-Pattern-Detection technology
  • Advanced spam detection techniques: RBL, heuristics, SPF checking, BATV, URL scanning, grey listing, RDNS/ HELO checks, expression filter and recipient verification
  • Block spam and malware during the SMTP transaction
  • Detects phishing URLs within e-mails
  • Global & per-user domain and address black/white lists
  • Recipient Verification against Active Directory account
  • E-mail scanning with SMTP and POP3 support
  • Dual antivirus engines
  • True-File-Type detection/scan within archive files
  • Scan embedded mail formats: Block malicious and unwanted files with MIME type checking
  • Quarantine unscannable or over-sized messages
  • Filter mail for unlimited domains and mailboxes
  • Automatic signature and pattern updates
  • Live Anti-Virus real-time cloud lookups

VM Cloud VPN Features

VPN Options

  • PPTP, L2TP, SSL, IPsec, HTML5-based and Cisco client-based remote user VPNs, as well as IPsec, SSL, Amazon VPC-based site-to-site tunnels
  • Plug-and-play VPN VPN IPsec Client
  • Authentication: Pre-Shared Key (PSK), PKI (X.509), Smartcards, Token and XAUTH
  • Encryption: AES (128/192/256), DES, 3DES (112/168), Blowfish, RSA (up to 2048 Bit), DH groups 1/2/5/14, MD5 and SHA-256/384/512
  • Intelligent split-tunneling for optimum traffic routing
  • NAT-traversal support
  • Client-monitor for graphical overview of connection status
  • IPsec Tunnel Binding VPN SSL Client
  • Proven SSL-(TLS)-based security
  • Profile support for varying levels of access
  • Support MD5, SHA, DES, 3DES and AES
  • Support for iOS and Android Clientless VPN
  • True clientless HTML5 VPN portal for accessing applications securely from a browser on any device VPN One-Click



VM Advanced Threat Protection

  • Detect and block network traffic attempting to contact command and control servers using DNS, AFC, HTTP Proxy and firewall
  • Identify infected hosts on the network and contain their network activity
  • Selective sandboxing of suspicious code to determine malicious intent

VM Cloud Web Server Protection

  • URL Filter database with 35 million+ sites in 96 categories and 65+ languages
  • Application Control: Accurate signatures and Layer 7 patterns for thousands of applications
  • Dynamic application control based on productivity or risk threshold
  • View traffic in real-time, choose to block or shape
  • Malware scanning: HTTP/S, FTP and web-based email via dual independent antivirus engines block all forms of viruses, web malware, trojans and spyware
  • Fully transparent HTTPS filtering of URLs
  • Option for selective HTTPS Scanning of untrusted sites
  • Advanced web malware protection with JavaScript emulation
  • Live Protection real-time in-the-cloud lookups for the latest threat intelligence
  • Potentially unwanted application (PUA) download blocking
  • Malicious URL reputation filtering
  • Reputation threshold: set the reputation threshold a website requires to be accessible from internal network
  • Active content filter: File extension, MIME type, JavaScript, ActiveX, Java and Flash Ì True-File-Type detection/scan within archive files
  • YouTube for Schools enforcement
  • SafeSearch enforcement
  • Google Apps enforcement

VM Cloud Web Policy Protection and Enforcement

  • Authentication: Active Directory, eDirectory, LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+ and local database
  • Single sign-on: Active Directory, eDirectory, Apple Open Directory
  • Proxy Modes: Standard, (Fully) Transparent, Authenticated, Single sign-on and Transparent with AD SSO
  • Transparent captive portal with authentication
  • Support for separate filtering proxies in different modes
  • Time, user and group-based access policies
  • Browsing quota time policies and quota reset option
  • Allow temporary URL filter overrides with authentication
  • Client Authentication Agent for dedicated per-user tracking
  • Cloning of security profiles
  • Customizable user-messages for events in local languages
  • Custom HTTPS verification CA support
  • Setup wizard and context sensitive online help
  • Customizable block pages
  • Custom categorization to override categories or create custom categories
  • Site tagging for creating custom site categories
  • Authentication and filtering options by device type for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and others
  • Policy testing tool for URLs, times, users and other parameters

WAF VM Cloud Web Application Firewall Protection

  • Reverse proxy
  • URL hardening engine
  • Form hardening engine
  • Deep-linking control
  • Directory traversal prevention
  • SQL injection protection
  • Cross-site scripting protection
  • Dual-antivirus engines
  • HTTPS (SSL) encryption offloading
  • Cookie signing with digital signatures
  • Path-based routing
  • Outlook anywhere protocol support
  • Reverse authentication (offloading) for form-based and basic authentication for server access