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If your company needs managed cloud services and you want to find out how to significantly lower your current costs and risks by using our IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service solutions, please contact us today !

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1 VM or 1000 VMs

We offer top of the line virtualization, networking, storage and physical servers to run all your mix of operating software, data, and applications needed for your private or public cloud.

From one virtual machine to complex clusters of VMs, we design and implement standard and custom IaaS solutions to enterprise customers in the United States and Europe.

Premier Support included and standard

Our response is fast and reliable, and our experts are knowledgeable and experienced. Once you start working with us you will quickly find out how easy can be your cloud migration and how you can benefit from every component and service provided and managed by us:

Ample IaaS Resources for any technical specifications

  • VMs – vCPUs, vRAM, vStorage/ SANs
  • Networking, Internet, Bandwidth
  • Security, Privacy, Disaster Recovery
  • Availability, from standard to high, as required by your specs
  • CDN – your content delivery network specs
  • Containers and so much more

Minimize Internal Risks

Build your VM cloud and vm cloud clusters with us – minimize your risks associated with owning and operating on premise or data center servers, networking equipment, storage, etc.
From one VM to thousands we can be your Infrastructure as a Service provider of choice!

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service from an enterprise cloud provider with utmost dedication to excellence

vmXcloud, Inc. is a US based technology company located in the NYC Metro area, and having well established core data center cloud presences in Texas, Washington State and New Jersey as well as other locations.

We pride ourselves with offering a full range of IaaS solutions and services to enterprise class clients interested in carefully crafted hypervisor backends, fast response and customer care and a friendly, always at the top cloud environment for today’s needs and the foreseeable future challenges.

Unique and Valuable IaaS company

What makes us unique and valuable as an Infrastructure as a Service company is the in depth analysis of the customer’s needs and requests – from one VM to thousands of VMs, we design and implement robust and reliable cloud architectures for all the Internet based applications, including databases, websites, email servers, repositories and backups, and more. 

Do you need tailored CPUs, RAM and Storage?

Want a managed cloud for your database, Apps, and more?

Request a Quote today to configure your VMs, clusters and clouds and to get going! We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised with our prices and our approach to your IaaS requirements, whether they are standard or highly customized.

Industries we serve:

  • Manufacturing, including Verticals
  • Education, Public and Private Schools
  • Financial, Banking, Investment and Insurance
  • Government, Federal, State, Local
  • Retail, Food, Franchises and Chains
  • And more 


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