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Private Cloud

All in One HA, DR, BCP, Backup, Recovery Enterprise Level Systems for Compute and Storage

  • Secure and Scalable Multi-tenancy
  • Data Sovereignty and Compliance
  • Cost optimized for data intensive apps
  • Enterprise IT governance and compliance
  • Data control and data locality
  • Ideal solution for the edge

One Single Tenant Deployment at a time

Private Cloud computing (vCPU and vRAM) and cloud storage (vSAN) virtual machine hosting & Pro Direct Support with an all in one approach to high data availability, backup, recovery, and ensuring success across the enterprise business functions.


vmXcloud® successfully provides outstanding private cloud solutions using most modern Infrastructure for all your Databases, Web and Applications. We own and operate all of the servers, storage, switches while staffing with our own in house US based technical expertise. 

the image describes the view of many rack cabiets with the caption Leading The Way Above The Cloud and those racks are used for private cloud hosting or infrastructure as a service advanced hosting
the image describes a private cloud deployment systems

vmXcloud® private architectures focus on private cloud computing and private cloud storage will ensure long lasting reduction in total costs and risks associated with on premise hardware, such as on premise physical servers and networking equipment. Our expert level knowledge is tested daily and we know which systems work best and when and thus your company can easily lean and rely on our vast accumulated know-how to best engineer your ultimate private cloud platform.

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the image describes the view of private cloud deployment

1 VM or 1000 VMs

We offer modern VM infrastructure for any enterprise class databases, web and related applications and we help our customers design their clouds based on very simple decisions.

  • How many VMs – Virtual Machines do you need?
  • How many VMs – Virtual Machines do you need?
  • How many vCPUs – Virtual Central Processing Units do you need?
  • How much vRAM – Virtual RAM memory do you need?
  • How much vSAN – Virtual Storage Area Network ports do you need?
  • Do you want to fully migrate to a VM cloud, or do you want a hybrid solution?
  • Do you need any particularities or enhancements, such as high availability, compliance, bandwidth, or CDN?

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service from an enterprise cloud provider with utmost dedication to excellence

vmXcloud, Inc. is a US based technology company located in the NYC Metro area, and having well established core data center cloud presences in Texas, Washington State and New Jersey as well as other locations.

We pride ourselves with offering a full range of IaaS solutions and services to enterprise class clients interested in carefully crafted hypervisor backends, fast response and customer care and a friendly, always at the top cloud environment for today’s needs and the foreseeable future challenges.

Unique and Valuable IaaS company

What makes us unique and valuable as an Infrastructure as a Service company is the in depth analysis of the customer’s needs and requests – from one VM to thousands of VMs, we design and implement robust and reliable cloud architectures for all the Internet based applications, including databases, websites, email servers, repositories and backups, and more. 

Competencies and Strengths

Our company sets apart from other cloud service providers in very valuable ways.

  • We can significantly lower your costs – you might be able to save more than 50% from your current monthly bill
  • We design and implement highly customized environments for single or multi clouds, hybrid configurations or fully hosted
  • Top Security and Protection for all your cloud workloads – web servers, databases, and containers
  • Territorial presence in data centers located throughout the United States
  • Modern IaaS – infrastructure for virtualization, networking, storage and servers
  • 24/7 Customer Support


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