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vmXcloud® is a VMWare® Cloud Verified vmXcloud vmware cloud verified logo
Hyperscale Cloud Builder Asset Heavy MSP offering premier SDDC, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, IaaS Infrastructure as a Service, Zero Trust Cybersecurity and Colocation @ exceptional TCO

Strategic Solution Based and Comprehensive full suite of managed IT services for most demanding business initiatives, requirements and applications (web, databases, and everything in between).

Our modern Cloud Solutions unlock your freedom to focus on strategic and core business achievements while we accelerate your visions into reality.

  • Cutting Edge Competitive Advantage
  • Complex solutions and sophistication tailored to client needs
  • Deep understanding of datacenter architecture
  • Digital Transformation
  • Corporate Strategic Initiatives
  • Any App, Any Cloud, Any Device Solutions
  • Complete Modernization
  • Ease of IT Solutions and Services Consumption
  • Composable infrastructure

Lower your Costs and Risks with a Cloud Migration Solution from vmXcloud®

As a well established cloud company, we help customers with all their migration needs, such as relocation, moving to a new cloud platform, migrating a data center, consolidating workloads residing in multiple data centers, sensitive, custom and strategic cloud initiatives and more. We plan and execute every cloud migration with high attention to the customer’s vision, needs, and challenges and we extensively work to find creative ways with a target of lowest risk/ highest performance and costs.


What will you achieve with a cloud migration to VMXCloud Enterprise Platform?


  • Fast migrations of virtual, physical or cloud workloads – FREE*
  • No or negligible downtime and disruption to your existing resources and operations
  • A modern and resilient new cloud environment with consistent infrastructure, operations and security
  • Migration execution outside standard business hours – 24/7 Assist
  • All business requirements for all your workloads quickly achieved
  • Large, complex or difficult migrations from existing infrastructure
  • Quick transfer of knowledge to customer for management and daily operation in the new environment


*Subscription required


Outstanding Cloud Low Latency for Outstanding Cloud Disk Writes

Empower your data with lower than 2ms outstanding performance of 20gbps++ in any of our hyperscale private cloud environments.

the image reflects write speeds of up to 20Gbps and an amazing average of less than 2ms latency
the image describes the view of racks inside compartmentalized and separated datacenter used for private cloud hosting or infrastructure as a service advanced hosting

Real Cloud Results for Real Cloud Solutions

Write consistent and sustainable data at speeds of 10gbps++ in any of our hyperscale cloud environments with intrinsic security and high availability. 

the image reflects a true speed write test on vmXcloud environment at pure max speed 10gbps

Hyperscale Cloud Builder and Asset Heavy

vmXcloud® owns and operates its entire server farm and we help companies in all verticals and of all sizes achieve their true max potential in regards to data speed, data latency, data reliability, data availability for any device, any application, any workload and for any business process. 

We understand, analyze and dissect any issue by applying top notch critical thinking methodologies ensuring that your data gives your business its maximum return on investment. 

Data Intrinsic Security on Cloud has been our cornerstone for more than 20 years and every deployment takes into consideration any and all aspects of cybersecurity to achieve complete, sustainable and consistent success. Just like this data read and write success we are poised thus to ensure your business success.   


Software Defined Datacenter Managed IT Services and Managed IT Solutions

SDDC US based On-Site Pro Direct Advanced Support 24/7/365 fully managed service provider (MSP) will ensure your data availability reaches 99.99999% uptime.

vmXcloud® is a high-touch white glove MSP focused on maximizing performance for client systems and applications. Providing outstanding resources for private VM Cloud Compute, private VM Cloud Storage, private VM Cloud Network, Web, Databases and everything else in between. Safer, highly reliable and more productive environment for employees, customers and end-users.

IaaS MSP Solutions include a vast array of expert level services spanning from on-site advanced smart hands, advanced hosting capabilities,  colocation, hybrid customer provided gear along with our gear, specialized rack cabinet deployments, specialized PDU  with high capacity power conduits, ISP carrier cross connect links, Direct Internet Access, cross connects into HA Storage Nodes along with 24/7 Management and Support.

the image describes the view of a vmxcloud employee working on servers and systems in the rack inside the composable datacenter
the image describes the view of datacenter modular rack space back side used for private cloud hosting or infrastructure as a service advanced hosting
the image describes the view of individual locked and secure rack cabinet space used for private cloud hosting or infrastructure as a service advanced hosting

1 VM or 1000 VMs

Robust private virtual cloud server to scale up or down from 1 to hundreds of VMs as business requires without hassle

Focusing on business growth is seamless and vmXcloud helps by providing the ultimate platform to expand customer base and customer satisfaction

Distributed Resources

All cloud resources are uniquely and properly distributed across the enterprise eliminating single point of failure

IOPS for everything

vmXcloud monitors all vm cloud server activity and proactively eliminates potential bottlenecks and informs you on proper IOPS segregation


VM Cloud Replication

All environments come with 7 day daily full replication for proper disaster recovery and business continuity ensuring every bit of data is properly backed up


Design and Architecture

vmXcloud reduces risks to mission-critical systems, applications and information by auditing and ensuring all environments are properly deployed and the architecture provides for ultimate data high-availability as well as ultra fast recovery in case of failure, multiple vm cloud server datacenter design is also available 



DDoS, IDS, Firewalls and NLB

vm cloud servers and services for virtual ddos, ids and firewall delivery and network load balancing for ultimate data security and availability


Sustained Throughput

Higher data availability and reduced demands on internal IT resources as well as a keen understanding on which data movement for proactive resource management


Data Security

We take data security and privacy very serious and ensure that all environments are properly protected against newest cyber threats out of the box

Premier Support

Premier and Total Care is embedded and part of every environment deployed as an integrated monitoring service and uninterrupted support 24 x 7 x 365 with granular level of monitoring down to 30 seconds per sensor. These are internal and external sensors for ensuring ultimate uptime 

Private Cloud – virtual private cloud the way it should be with ultimate data availability with vmXcloud® enterprise clusters

Maintain the highest level of uptime using all-Inclusive managed cloud and  private cloud for application delivery:

  • Virtual machine for web server and services
  • Virtual dedicated cloud storage for database servers and services
  • Virtual machines for any cloud workload, any and all application types 

Presence is key

CDN and VM cloud servers for delivery and availability map

Harnessing the power of CDN as well as positioning VMs in key geographical areas provide global reach and ensuring your data gets to the customers faster and with less interruptions

Security and Data Availability

Extreme security both physical access as well as at the vm cloud server distributed factor provide unparalleled level of safety and liability reduction 

vmXcloud team member are the only individuals allowed to operate on client environments behind locked modules and locked cabinets on our own owned equipment thus ensuring total reliability from unwanted access  

Cloud servers and vm servers that stand the test of time in todays rapid changing technological climate

Technology refresh is a vital key to our continued efforts of maintaining and providing the best vm cloud servers and services money can buy

Our proactive polity on vm cloud servers technical upgrades both on software and hardware level is a key element of success and client satisfaction with hardware refresh every 3 years we ensure your vm servers are receiving the best in class hardware for compute, storage and networking


Client frequently asked questions 

You will find answers to some of the most common questions we receive and we love to hear from you as often as possible

You may also reach out to us and we will gladly respond within same day 2 hour response time guarantee for general inquiries 

Does vmXcloud own its own hardware?

Yes. We own and operate our own hardware to deliver the best in class vm and cloud to our clients. 

Are you a reseller?

No. We are not a reseller but a provider of high end high touch managed services in the areas of managed vm and managed cloud as well as all inclussive managed services for various datacenter level operations

Do you have failures?

Hardware level failures are an integral part of our routine and we ensure your environment is well distributed across a number of cloud servers to ensure not one or more failures contribute to downtime 

Are costs fixed or variable?

Our monthly contracted costs are fixed thus ensuring proper and long term sustainable client budget forecasting, the CFOs love us  

Are you a United States corporation?

Yes. We are a US  corporation with headquarters in New Jersey and datacenters strategically spread across US and elsewhere. Our core and main systems reside in the US  

Is bandwidth included?

A quota is included and may vary from client deployment and we try our utmost best to deliver the best network load balanced traffic to and from our servers to the end consumers

Ready to get started?

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What could we get on the vmXcloud platform

Enterprise vPool of vResources with large assignments of vCPU, vRAM and vSAN vCluster for ultimate vm cloud delivery. Multiple vClusters are also available in distributed vDatacenters, interconnected via Point to Point (PTP) with high capacity bandwidth connections as well as vWAN and vLAN forming a large vmXcloud. 

Example: 1,000 vCPU, 10TB vRAM and 500TB vSAN vCluster vPool vResources  vLAN 100G, vWAN 10G vDatacenter. 


Managed Cloud Services

vmXcloud provides High Availability Systems and Solutions by Maintaining Highest Levels of Uptime using All-Inclusive Managed IT Services. vmXcloud designs, architects and implements robust managed hosting solutions and managed hosting services to clients ranging from private cloud, dedicated virtual servers, managed enterprise servers to resilient mission critical systems and applications.