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Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and locations are joining the revolution and making the digital transformation. However, with this transformation comes a plethora of new cybersecurity threats.

From malware and ransomware to phishing attacks, data breaches, and even multi-national espionage, bad actors are becoming more savvy, and their methods of infiltration are rapidly evolving. To combat these threats, you need a cybersecurity solution that evolves alongside them.

Protecting a business from so many types of attacks can overwhelm even the most organized IT professionals. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. vmXcloud’s managed cybersecurity services can provide you with the resources and peace of mind you need to know your business is protected no matter what tries to force its way in.

vmXcloud's Cybersecurity Solutions Are Second to None

Our team makes monitoring and preventing unauthorized access to your systems a top priority. We provide full isolation and compartmentalization of all systems so that all tenants are separated from each other. This ensures the highest level of security and stops widespread infiltration attempts in their tracks.

We’re able to filter out attacks before requests make it to the server. We do so with an all-inclusive wrapper for all deployments using DDoS, IDS, firewall, NAT, VPN, and everything in between. This means that the vmXcloud team will never expose your server the way other solutions might.

At vmXcloud, cybersecurity is standard on all deployments, so you never have to worry about paying more for it when you’re using vmXcloud services. We work 24/7 to protect and support our clients to ensure you never miss a beat.

The Benefits Of Partnering With vmXcloud for Your Cybersecurity Needs

biggest benefit of our cybersecurity services is that we can scale them throughout the entire environment — no matter how many virtual machines you’ve launched into the cloud. When you partner with us for your cybersecurity needs, you’ll get access to:

  • Cloud Network Protection: Deep packet inspection, selective IPS patterns, flood protection, country blocking, and more
  • VM Advanced Threat Protection: Detect and block suspicious network traffic, identify and contain infected hosts, and suspicious code sandboxing
  • VM Cloud Web Server Protection: URL filter database, dynamic application control, real-time traffic views, and malware scanning
  • Cloud Network Routing and Services: Static, multicast, and dynamic routing WAN link balancing, server load balancing, and multiple bridge support
  • VM Cloud Email Protection: Spam outbreak monitoring, phishing URL detection, dual antivirus engines, and quarantining of unscannable messages
  • VM Cloud VPN Features: Remote user and plug-and-play VPNs, airtight authentication and encryption, intelligent split-tunneling, and client connection status monitoring
  • WAF VM Cloud Web Application Firewall Protection: Reverse proxy, URL hardening engine, deep linking control, SQL injection protection
  • VM Cloud Web Policy Protection and Enforcement: Single sign-on, time, user, and group-based access policies, as well as customizable block pages

These features are only scratching the surface, and vmXcloud has so much more to offer.

We know that your success depends on your ability to protect your network. For that reason, we provide a full suite of robust services so our clients never have to worry about their weaknesses. You can feel safe knowing that we scour your infrastructure for vulnerabilities and ensure that any bad actors and hackers stay out.

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Who Can Use vmXcloud's Cybersecurity Solutions?

Fortunately, our cybersecurity solutions work for businesses of all sizes in a number of industries, including (but not limited to):

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HIPAA regulations require cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive patient data to avoid patients being targeted by scammers

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Financial Services

FACTA, GLBA, SARBOX, and other laws require financial institutions to implement stringent data security protocols to avoid hefty penalties

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Institutions must abide by FERPA laws requiring them to protect student information, including names, addresses, and educational records

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The federal government can be held liable for damages resulting from preventable data breaches, which means they need solid protection

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Retail Businesses

Stores carry sensitive customer data that must be protected, including credit card and banking information

If your business needs to protect its IT infrastructure from being infiltrated by bad actors, vmXcloud can help.
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Take the First Step Toward Protecting Your Business Today

Cybersecurity is a serious issue for businesses regardless of size or industry. Ignoring it can have grave consequences, ranging from non-compliance fees and penalties to reputational damage and a loss of customer trust. The good news is that keeping your business safe from harm is easy with help from the trusted professionals at vmXcloud.

Get in touch with us today for a comprehensive security assessment. We will work with you to identify the vulnerabilities in your system and help you craft a viable plan to address them.

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