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Our comprehensive range of services includes Cloud Solutions offering scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for robust and reliable IT infrastructure management; Cyber Security, ensuring the highest level of protection against digital threats; Data Management, focusing on efficient handling, storage, and retrieval of business data; and Backup Solutions, providing secure and reliable data backup to ensure business continuity. Disaster Recovery ensures your business remains resilient and operational in any situation, providing tailored strategies for quick and effective recovery. Each service is tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Women using a laptop in server room

Cloud Services

VMXcloud offers cloud services including hosted private cloud, hybrid cloud, colocation, cloud migration, and support for various industries like healthcare and... Keep Reading

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Infrastructure as a Service

While transitioning to IaaS can come with a learning curve, vmXcloud ensures a smooth transition with comprehensive support, training, and resources. Whether you’re migrating existing resources... Keep Reading

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A graphic showing a shield protecting a computer from cyber attacks


No matter how many virtual machines you’ve launched into the cloud. When you partner with us for your cybersecurity needs, you’ll get access... Keep Reading

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Rows of servers in a data center hallway

Data Center Services

No matter where your data exists or how you need to structure it, we’ve got you covered, as our solutions cater to a wide range of data types... Keep Reading

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A row of servers in a data center, neatly organized with blinking lights and cables, ready to process and store data efficiently

Backup & Replication

At vmXcloud, we offer comprehensive managed backup and restore services, ensuring you can recoup lost data in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic... Keep Reading

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Disaster Recovery

As a leader in disaster recovery solutions, vmXcloud understands that every minute of unplanned downtime translates to thousands in profit losses; that’s why... Keep Reading

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