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Businesses and government agencies across every industry and sector are making a sincere effort to integrate technology into every aspect of their operations. Deploying tech at scale is effectively rewiring these organizations, shifting the way they work by streamlining processes and enhancing productivity and efficiency.

However, digital transformation is not without its challenges. All businesses, regardless of industry, need a partner to help them through this process to ensure they’re right-sizing their infrastructure and avoiding resource waste. The solutions we offer at vmXcloud are versatile enough to ensure safety, reliability, and a smooth experience for your employees and customers alike.

We Serve

Students eagerly participate in class by raising their hands to answer questions and engage in discussions


Educational institutions want to expose students to cutting-edge technology while ensuring student records remain protected. Whether we’re dealing with an entire district or a single school, we can... Keep Reading

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Individual standing with credit card at door


Financial businesses need to embrace digital services like app-based banking and biometric authentication, but they must still follow laws like FACTA, GLBA, and PCI DSS. We can help your business get... Keep Reading

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Iconic Capitol Building in Washington, DC


Federal agencies are held to the same high standards as corporations and must still follow protocols set out in FISMA, NSES, and other laws. We can help government agencies adhere to strict budgets... Keep Reading

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Pair of researchers in lab coats typing on computers in lab setting


We can help healthcare organizations safely share data in the cloud to facilitate provider collaboration and support better health outcomes. vmXcloud also provides cybersecurity services to make sure... Keep Reading

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Professional woman in business attire poses in front of a server room with rows of servers

Niche and Boutique

These businesses may be small, but their cloud computing and security needs must be taken seriously. Our team will help you right-size your infrastructure, cut costs, and ensure that you’re never... Keep Reading

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Small & Medium Business

SMBs are embracing digital transformation by moving a large portion of their operations online. Our team at vmXcloud can help you keep customer data from falling into the wrong hands while using... Keep Reading

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