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High-End Private Enterprise Cloud Computing and Private Cloud Storage

Cloud Computing and Private Cloud Storage

Has your organization been looking to gain a technological edge? If so, leveraging high-end private cloud hosting services represents an ideal way to obtain the advantage you’ve been searching for.

However, you must be wary, as there are plenty of fly-by-night operations that aren’t capable of hosting and managing an enterprise system. The last thing you want to do is rely on multiple providers to meet your hosting needs.

It is paramount that you find a cloud service provider that not only hosts but also expertly manages high-end computing and storage capabilities while offering the flexibility to integrate custom solutions. Join us as we delve into the unique offerings that set a premier cloud service provider apart. 

What to Look For in a High-End Partner

As you start your search for a high-end cloud hosting provider, ensure that they offer all three pillars of an effective partnership: robust hosting capabilities, enterprise-grade storage, and advanced networking solutions.  

Unmatched Hosting Cloud Capabilities

Partners like vmXcloud build our offerings around proven hardware designed to give you peace of mind and exceptional uptime. We support a variety of chassis systems equipped with cloud compute server bladers, including:

  • HP Chassis Systems: For robust and scalable cloud computing capabilities, making them an ideal choice for enterprises seeking reliable performance and flexibility in their IT infrastructure. These systems are designed to support a wide range of workloads, from data-intensive applications to high-performance computing tasks.
  • Cisco UCS Chassis: Renowned for their cutting-edge cloud computing server blades, which ensure unparalleled reliability and high performance. These systems are built to provide exceptional scalability and efficiency, making them a preferred solution for businesses looking to optimize their cloud. environments and achieve seamless operational continuity.
  • Dell Chassis Systems: Versatile solutions that cater to the diverse needs of modern enterprises. With their robust design and advanced features, Dell chassis systems provide a reliable foundation for cloud computing, enabling organizations to efficiently manage their workloads and scale their operations as needed.
  • Customer-Provided Cloud Enabling Server Systems: Allow businesses to bring their server systems into the cloud environment, offering flexibility and control over their IT infrastructure. This approach enables organizations to leverage their existing hardware investments while integrating with cloud technologies to enhance their operational capabilities and reduce costs.

By teaming with a client-centric provider, you get to build your cloud hosting infrastructure on your terms. This approach ensures that the hardware and architecture align with your intended use case, yielding better performance and reliability. 

Enterprise-Grade All-Flash Cloud Storage

Storage is the backbone of any cloud solution, and our services shine with the provision of Enterprise-Grade All-Flash Cloud Storage SAN Array systems. We offer two tiers of cloud storage arrays: high-performance and ultra-high-performance, with average IOPS on read and write operations reaching 5 to 10 Gbps and 20 to 30 Gbps, respectively. 

As you weigh your options and seek a hosting partner, ensure that it can offer the storage necessary to meet your needs. Partners like vmXcloud give you the resources necessary to leverage our cloud infrastructure with no bottlenecks. This guarantees ultra-low latency and lightning-fast transactions that are critical for today’s data-intensive operations.

Advanced Networking Solutions

Finally, your provider should be able to host and manage any form of networking stack, ensuring your transactions are delivered at maximum efficient speeds. Alternatively, if you prefer to bring your own equipment to build out the network, flexible partners like vmXcloud let you do just that.

Beyond Standard Cloud Services: The Integration of Client-Owned Equipment

In a departure from the norm, we welcome and encourage our clients to provide their own equipment for hosting and management within our cloud environment. This innovative approach allows for the integration of custom or proprietary solutions with our comprehensive cloud services, offering a level of personalization that is unmatched in the industry. This capability demonstrates our flexibility and expertise. 

Cloud services

The Colocation Advantage

Does your organization favor the advantages and flexibility of colocation services? Find a provider that offers multiple types of support and hosting solutions, including colocation. At vmXcloud, colocation is one of the many capabilities in our wheelhouse, but we proudly offer more comprehensive support solutions as well. 

A Hybrid Approach

Integrating client-owned equipment into existing cloud services is a hybrid offering that bridges the gap between traditional hosting and colocation. Due to the complexity of this approach, many hosting providers simply don’t offer it. vmXcloud does, however, which is a testament to our expertise and ability to handle custom cloud service solutions. 

Benefits of Choosing an Enterprise Cloud Hosting Partner

Finding the right partner will unlock numerous benefits for your organization. These might include: 


Subpar cloud infrastructure can hold your business back and undermine long-term growth. Conversely, the right combination of cloud hosting, storage, and networking capabilities will pave the way for rapid growth. You can seize emerging opportunities, adopt new tech, and base decisions on what is best for your business — not on the limitations of your infrastructure. 

Performance and Reliability

With enterprise-grade cloud computing and storage solutions, you’ll enjoy exceptional performance and reliability. All flash storage is particularly useful for enhancing reliability, ensuring your applications run smoothly with minimal latency and at maximum speed. 

Today’s business environment is tech-centric. You can’t afford to experience persistent lag and low app reliability. Support your critical operations without compromise by investing in robust storage and cloud infrastructure. 

Customized Solutions

Our enterprise private cloud storage solutions should never be generic or one-size-fits-all. Your company is one-of-one, and so are the challenges that you face. You need a provider that recognizes this fact. 

Partners like vmXcloud offer a level of customization that sets us apart, ensuring your cloud solutions perfectly align with your business objectives. Bring your own equipment or use our dynamic systems to get more out of your cloud environment. 

Vetting Your Hosting Provider

So are you ready to find a new hosting partner? If so, you should vet them by:

  • Asking Tough Questions: Pose pointed questions to test the provider’s expertise 
  • Clearly Stating Your Goals: Share your objectives and find out whether they can meet them
  • Verifying What Industries They Serve: Ensure they’ve worked with clients in your industry before 
  • Reviewing Service Commitments: Determine what level of service and uptime they promise 
  • Exploring Their Infrastructure and Systems: Check what systems and hardware they use

Also, make sure to ask about add-on services and scalability. While you may only be interested in cloud hosting at the present moment, it’s important to choose a partner that can evolve alongside your business. 

Ready to Elevate Your Cloud Infrastructure?

The enterprise cloud computing and private cloud storage provider you choose makes all the difference in your company’s trajectory. With the right partner in your corner, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, unmatched reliability, and exceptional performance. In turn, you and your team can focus on fiercely pursuing organizational objectives.

As you consider the future of your enterprise’s digital infrastructure, make sure to thoroughly vet prospective partners. We invite you to connect with vmXcloud to further explore our suite of bespoke services.


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